The Daily Blog: Sunday, October 21st, 2018

I want to take today’s blog post as a chance to talk about what I’ve been up to and where I see things going from where I’m at. Currently I am working full-time so there’s been much less time for me to be as involved as I’d like to be with my projects. Because of this you may notice that WoWFeedback hasn’t been updated all that often. This is due to a lack of both the time I have to go around all the sites the WoW players leave feedback on and there being no one leaving or sharing links to their feedback on the WoWFeedback reddit page. 

It was my hope that between having a full fledged site compiling all the feedback along with social media integration that it’d be easier for people to submit their feedback to @WoWFeedback on Twitter or #WoWFeedback and in turn have it passed onto the reddit page. This has not been the case and unfortunately the entire WoW community has been strongly reluctant to using it. 

This is most likely because they see no purpose in sharing their feedback with WoWFeedback because of the various outlets Blizzard accepts feedback on. So people are distracted and don’t understand the point or what it it WoWFeedback seems to achieve. The project’s goal was to compile all forms of feedback for the World of Warcraft from across the internet; videos, forum posts from various community sites, social media, and more.

This would have made it so much that people could have one single place to go to see all current videos, forum posts e.c.t. so they could see if a point they believed in had already been made and get behind that. I will continue pushing this project along on my own as I have all projects I’ve done. However, if it continues to receive no support or interest beyond my own then I’ll consider it a waste of my free-time and not worth building upon; at which point the project will be abandoned entirely.

Im still hopefully that people will understand what I’m trying to do and get that the more often people choose to participate the more active the project will be and the sooner it can become a tool for keeping track of all recent feedback for the game in all of its various virtual forms. Though I am prepared to accept that it’s not something the community wants. 

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