The Daily Blog: Friday, October 19th, 2018

In today’s blog I will be talking about how I feel about World of Warcraft Classic and the promise it brings to our community. I’ve talked with several people in our community and they think that after it is released initially people will be interested in it and then that will drop off. However, I believe that may not be the case and here is why.

In Classic players are able to obtain items through hard work and dedication. Most things don’t come easy. This means that everything is worth more. In turn when a player invests their time into obtaining something they see a higher Return on Investment (ROI) versus retail. On retail it’s easy to obtain gear compared to Classic.

Classic also requires players to work together more and be closer knit so things like LFG wouldn’t be effective due to the effort it takes to get things done. LFR would be a complete failure in this game environment as well. Overall I think that Classic will be a total success in many regards.

If the player base for Classic enjoys the content more than retail perhaps it will convince Blizzard to consider pulling some of the aspects from Classic and implementing it into Retail. What Blizzard learns from Classic and how players feel about certain things could shape things such as an increase in difficulty obtaining gear on retail, non-LFG/LFR instances, and more. Overall I’m very optimistic about the upcoming release of retail and I look forward to reading and compiling all the player feedback to #WoWFeedback, @WoWFeedback, and /r/WoWFeedback.

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