My Thoughts on WoW Classic

Last night as some of you know I played the World of Warcraft Classic Demo on my stream over at Overall I think it was alright other than a few small things.

In particular I think it’s unfortunate that we can’t use the console camera zoom out factor macro to zoom out more even in Classic. This is something that Blizzard removed in retail and used to be available in the game. Being that I did not play Classic myself I don’t know if this is something that was present back then and if not please disregard this. 

Beyond that I think the performance of the game was pretty good there was very low MS between the WoW servers and my computer here in Seattle. I think it was like thirty-two which is really low. If this MS carries over to the main release of Classic I think it will definitely be another perk over playing the most modern iteration of WoW on the current retail servers. 

Outside of speculation I think we all know that many people will play Classic initially and then lose interest going back to retail; this is okay and let me explain why. Most likely there will be more content released for Classic as that moves forward and when those same players come back they’ll see the reward for sticking with Classic and building your character up over a long period of time. Which leads me to think that perhaps folks will give feedback in the future that support bring more of the traditional ways of WoW over to retail

Though I think only time will tell what the final results will be. Whenever you look at the predictions by the community things never tend to work out word-for-word as we predict it. I look forward to see you all in Classic and seeing how things end up. It’s definitely an interesting time to be a WoW player and there’s a lot in store for our future.

– Zin

The Daily Blog: Sunday, October 21st, 2018

I want to take today’s blog post as a chance to talk about what I’ve been up to and where I see things going from where I’m at. Currently I am working full-time so there’s been much less time for me to be as involved as I’d like to be with my projects. Because of this you may notice that WoWFeedback hasn’t been updated all that often. This is due to a lack of both the time I have to go around all the sites the WoW players leave feedback on and there being no one leaving or sharing links to their feedback on the WoWFeedback reddit page. 

It was my hope that between having a full fledged site compiling all the feedback along with social media integration that it’d be easier for people to submit their feedback to @WoWFeedback on Twitter or #WoWFeedback and in turn have it passed onto the reddit page. This has not been the case and unfortunately the entire WoW community has been strongly reluctant to using it. 

This is most likely because they see no purpose in sharing their feedback with WoWFeedback because of the various outlets Blizzard accepts feedback on. So people are distracted and don’t understand the point or what it it WoWFeedback seems to achieve. The project’s goal was to compile all forms of feedback for the World of Warcraft from across the internet; videos, forum posts from various community sites, social media, and more.

This would have made it so much that people could have one single place to go to see all current videos, forum posts e.c.t. so they could see if a point they believed in had already been made and get behind that. I will continue pushing this project along on my own as I have all projects I’ve done. However, if it continues to receive no support or interest beyond my own then I’ll consider it a waste of my free-time and not worth building upon; at which point the project will be abandoned entirely.

Im still hopefully that people will understand what I’m trying to do and get that the more often people choose to participate the more active the project will be and the sooner it can become a tool for keeping track of all recent feedback for the game in all of its various virtual forms. Though I am prepared to accept that it’s not something the community wants. 

The Daily Blog: Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Hello, I’m going to start writing these as a way to show that I am paying attention to what’s going on in the WoW community and the internet in general. These blogs will be daily reflections on current events, my input based off my perspective, and various other things related to my own acitivities. 

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I’ve got a lot to say about things but I’ve just been busy with life and not had the time to make videos to provide my input. If you read my blog post on how to make good YouTube videos then you understand the amount of effort one must invest in making a video. Blogging is a bit simpler and I am an okay writer so this works out well so I can put out content regularly.

If I see things become more active I will start making videos again. However, I understand the lack of interest for my content right now due to the level of inactivity I’ve demonstrated recently. 

Though it is odd that they still say blogging is a popular way to get your content going. People’s attention spans are only getting shorter so I don’t know how well this will work but with good formatting and breaking things down into different sections that are easy to tell from one another I believe I can guide even the shortest attention span readers through this.

Thanks for reading.

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Tips for Starting a Guild

I’ve played the World of Warcraft for over ten years and in that time I’ve learned a lot about how things work. Today I’m going to be sharing with you what I do to make sure people are taken care of in my guild and people’s needs are met.

The most useful tool I’ve found so far is Google Docs. This can be used to manage raid rosters, and advanced guild member management. All you’ve got to do is setup the columns with the right names and drop in the data. However, these tools are entirely worthless if you don’t establish a channel of communication.

Communication is essential for anyone in any type of management position. A question I’d ask any guild I’d join is, ” is there good communication between those managing the guild “?

The answer to that question will tell you to proceed or not. It’s easy for people to step on each other’s toes if people don’t talk effectively and well. Also it’s important to try and save your notes for others in management to read.

This means opening up a notepad and taking notes during important discussions, translating your notes into something someone else can understand, and finally uploading those notes to a shared cloud storage. This can be a OneDrive folder with a link that is shared between those managing the guild.

If you do this then you can better understand the intent and motive of other individuals who you are running the guild with. This helps you understand if they’ve got the right mindset or if it’s something you’d rather not be a part of.

If you found this article useful or would like more advice feel free to email me and I will do my best to provide you with more details. This is fairly general and doesn’t go deeply into each thing mentioned here but that would be too lengthy for a post of this nature.