To Whom It May Concern

So today I’m writing this post because I want to clear the air. It seems there are some of you out there who think I have some sort of resentment or feel some type of way about you. Thing is I don’t and while I might not agree with what you do and have stated that in the past I don’t actively hold that against you. If you want to chat I’m open to that but unless you can put the old stuff aside I’m not interested in a friendship. 

As some of you may be aware there are people who don’t like me and refuse to talk to me anymore and those people have their own permanent set-in-stone opinion of me. This is something I’ve chose to accept cannot be changed and I discourage you from trying to change their mind. While it may be true that I am different from what their opinion of me is it’s very unlikely that they will go out of their way to realize this and they’re comfortable with what they think to a point of deliberate ignorance; they don’t care.

I learned a while back that you can’t make people care and either they do or they don’t. Unfortunately, these individuals are of some key influential positions in the community and somewhat goal/gate-keep things.

Unlike when they started off on the platforms such as Twitch or YouTube they’d have no way to understand how things work from the perspective of a smaller content creator. This is not their fault and they don’t have the time to gain such insight because they’re too busy dealing with everything they’ve got going on; that’s just the way it is.

As for myself I’ve stopped complaining about having no meaningful support and having no viewers to my streams. It’s not something that I consider likely to change and I’ve become okay with that. Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insane. What I do is sit down, turn on my stream, play some music, and narrate whats going on. Sometimes a person or two stops by and I’m cool with that. Talking about having no viewers or complaining about how you’re never going to get anywhere does nothing at all.

I think lots of streamers have come to expect certain things or think that if they do something they’ll get stuff in return. But personally I’ve come to expect nothing from anyone but myself. I’ve been let down a lot by other people and what I’ve learned from that is people can’t be relied on for pretty much anything. 

Perhaps an individual can or group of individuals you know and trust but people aka Twitch viewers no. You see Twitch viewers are conditioned to expect certain things from streamers and unless you can provide that then they’ll leave or never even be there to begin with. When I stream I don’t want to be meeting some expectation I just want to have fun.

So with that in mind I hope you’ll realize why things are as they are and ain’t gonna change. This is me being me and that’s the most important thing to me. If people don’t like that I don’t care; their acceptance is unnecessary.



Review: Nvidia GeForce NOW

Great news everyone! I was selected for the Nvidia GeForce NOW Beta. This article is informative and is my personal reflection upon the program and it’s potential. I was not paid by Nvidia and this is not a sponsored thing or advertisement; onward we go!

In this article I will be explaining my experience with the new software and why I think it’s going to be the future of gaming. First off I’d like to start by giving a enormous shout-out to Nvidia for making this all possible. You can check the GeForce NOW program at their website:

Let’s get into things by first going over the equipment you are connecting to remotely and accessing to play your game. From what I could determine based off what specs I could pull up from the remote connection the device uses a Nvidia Tesla P40 which is a graphics card that retails anywhere from six-thousand to ten-thousand dollar. On top of that it seems to run CPU hungry games like World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth with ease.

In my testing I was able to pull 1080p at 60FPS, stream at 1080p at 60FPS, and use my Logitech 4K webcam green-screened all at the same time. My computer runs a Nvidia 1070 Founders Edition with an i7 4790K. When I was streaming to Twitch I noticed that my CPU never went above 40-percent and my stream looked amazing. 

The capabilities for Nvidia and their awesome software is baffling. This makes it so those of us who can afford a good computer can get the excellent performance from an excellent computer and broadcast to the internet with a very high-quality. 

I’m going to break down in a list the implications of the Nvidia GeForce NOW program and how it’s going to change everything.

1: Streaming

Streaming is very intense on a computer especially if you’re running both the streaming software and rendering the game off the same machine. This is why many people will have a two machine stream setup; it keeps the stream smooth and makes for a great viewing experience.

With GeForce NOW I’ll be able to use their state-of-the-art machine as my gaming computer and my home computer as the streaming machine. I don’t have to buy a second machine for streaming because Nvidia is providing me with one to run my game on remotely with their new service.

2: Manufacturing and Shipping of Video Cards

I think that as our video cards near the 2000 series Nvidia will soon realize that it may be more affordable to manufacture their own machines for their high-end cards, have people remote into them, and play their games directly off a Nvidia machine rented out by them. 

This will make it so that they could potentially have the manufacturing so close to the actual machines we remote into that it cuts down their costs while giving them a larger profit margin than if they were to use the traditional way of getting customers to use the product and pay for it. This could reduce their carbon footprint by quiet a bit and make them look good to the public. 

Now I think we’re a long ways off from all video-cards being remote access but as the technology develops, and our internet speed improves one could speculate that this is the direct things are heading in. 

3: The Energy Our Graphics Cards Use

Energy is expensive and as more people are able to use this the less energy our computers will need to draw. This could result in smarter power supply design that isn’t always at a constant high wattage but can switch to a lower power draw. 

Beyond that the wear and tear that comes from having your graphics card maxed out.

4: We Can Set Our Fans to Silent

Don’t you get tired of playing video games but having to turn your fans up to 100 because how intense the game is and the amount of heat your graphics card makes trying to run it? Do you hate the loud fans blowing air and having to yell over it into your microphone?

Well those days will be over with GeForce NOW. Because our machines won’t be doing the heavy lifting we can turn down the fans a little and chill out (literally).

Those are all of the implications that I can think of for right now. What do you think about this new remote gaming desktop experience? Leave a comment in the section down bellow!