Update on Everything

I wanted to take the time that I have outside of my work hours to write out where I’m at with my projects and how I plan to go forward with producing new content. This is going to be a more realistic approach for me and will leave room for others to participate if that’s something the WoW community will ever be interested in.

I’m going to break this down into several sections such as Blog Posts, WoWFeedback, WoWNav Guides, WoWFeedback Talkshow, e.c.t..


For a while I was updating this daily with new posts that I found across the internet regarding feedback on the World of Warcraft, posting them to the WoWFeedback reddit page, sharing player feedback @WoWFeedback on Twitter, and logging them into the directory of feedback which was stickied to the top of the reddit page. 

This was a very time consuming activity and left little time outside of it for anything else being that I visited all the community sites where World of Warcraft players post about the game and linking those pages back to WoWFeedback. 

Because of how time consuming this process is I will be updating it ever week going forward. If other players from the WoW community would like to share their feedback with the WoWFeedback project on reddit then they can do this. Once I have the time with-in a twenty-four hour period I will then take that post from the reddit page and post it to the WoWFeedback Twitter page. Such shared posts will also be taken into consideration for discussion on the talkshow when that comes to be.

Blog Posts:

I wanted to make daily blog posts so I could push out more content. This has been a challenge being that I’ve started taking care of myself more. Getting eight hours of sleep a night, exercising, and working a full-time job. However, I do get two days off a week and it’s my goal to spend my Sunday working on my projects; this includes the blog posts. My blog posts will become a weekly thing until I’m able to find a way to work this into my schedule. 

You will notice a theme through-out most of these changes is so I can have time to take care of myself. This keeps me sane, dedicated, professional, and healthy. I would rather listen to and take advice from someone who is well off than someone who isn’t because it shows that you find yourself as a worthy investment. Because of that it is easier for others to invest into you; it all starts with you.

WoWFeedback Talkshow:

The WoWFeedback Talkshow is going to be something that I do every three months. With this as a timeline it gives me, the co-hosts, and everyone else time to submit feedback for WoW, look at the feedback being made by players in the community which has been compiled on /r/WoWFeedback, and decide what is worth discussing. 

If you applied to be a co-host you are still going to be contacted a few months in advanced to the first talkshow. However, I will be asking you to read a non-disclosure form and reply in chat with the words, “I accept”. This will cover any unique content or pre-production things this way whatever we come up with together is between us until we release the show to the general public on our twitch page https://twitch.tv/WoWFeedback

WoWNav Guides

This was a project that I started a while back where I made videos directing players with visual guides from Point-A to Point-B on Azeroth. With Classic coming out I will work to start recording more of these guides for my channel so those of you who play it will know how to get around. 

Classic Azeroth is different from retail Azeroth. This is why there will be a unique set of guides made to show you how to get around. Depending on WoW Classic is released I will determine the rate at which I will be making these videos. The plan is to release all of the videos at once when Classic releases as a package of videos on my channel. 

Soon after this I will be working on the remaining WoWNav guides for retail. The plan is to have two separate series so people do not get confused and can find their way around the game world.

Other Projects:

If there are any other projects that I haven’t yet mentioned please be aware they are not on the table for this year. Yes, the guild will be recruiting but as of now there are no plans for a raiding guild. If you would like to join to make this a thing feel free to but as of now and the near future I will not have the time to do this. That being said I am looking for recruitment officers, officers, and various leaders for my guild to help fulfill the wants/needs of our members.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in I am open to setting up a time for us to discuss this or any other project feel free to email me at  zinrockin@zinrockin.com

– Zin