Bitcoin Will Skyrocket

I’m an optimist because the potential Bitcoin has to become a mainstream payment method across the entire internet. Think about it, our phones with the Cash app have people buying and selling bitcoin to cash and there are more places accepting Bitcoin every day. I think if you sell off a large amount right now you will be sorry when it skyrockets and those of us who bought low will one more see our profits. 

I don’t usually write articles related to this but I want to point some things out so that people can make a more informed decision on if it’s the right time to buy or sell. I’ve heard financial experts on TV talk about the decline and speak of an upcoming rise in the currency. 

Do you think they say that with nothing to back it? No. They look at the variables involved with Bitcoin and the trajectory of that to determine what things will be.

So is it time to buy Bitcoin? Yes. Am I? Yes.

How I Deal with Failure

One way or another somethings going to end up going wrong. With that in mind I will be explaining how I deal with failure and focus on being better. First off I like to determine if the failure which has accorded due to circumstances beyond my control. If this is the case I consider if I can make that variable different or if I have to do something else. If I have to do something else then I will take some time off to clear my mind. Then I will look at working towards another accomplishment that will set me aside from the typical person doing what I am doing. 

Once I have figured out what it is I want to do I look at those who are currently doing it and how they do it. Then I consider what I can do different that will make me better. This requires being creative and making new ways to do what they do that is more efficient or better. If I can’t figure that out then I stop considering that feat and focus on another one.

By focusing on the excitement and happiness that comes from winning I am incentivized to do better. As some of you may know I’ve accomplished a lot. That hasn’t come from taking my eye off the ball and thinking about stuff outside of the game. Things move forward no matter what you do. Either you’re a part of that or you’re not. But you’ve got to make the decisions that get you involved with those who’re doing great things to potentially have the opportunity to learn from them. 

Sure you may be doing the same thing and copying someone else for a little while but as they say imitation is the greatest form of flattering; it’s a compliment. That being said if you’re doing it to an extent that is annoying people may have a problem with that but you can figure that out by observing how the community works. Look at the highest performing people in a good community and ask the most available ones what they do. 

Ive done this myself for a long time and it has to do with not having to deal with the fear of being a stranger or outsider. Once you’re considered an active part of the community you chose then you can start asking more questions about how things work. But until you’re considered valued or noteworthy it’s best to just take notes and be respectful; being humble is important.

So bottom line is I deal with failure by looking for new ways to win. But it’s not such a simple thing to do but it can be done. I can’t promise success from doing this in getting into whatever it is you want to be great at but in my personal experience it’s gotten me a long way.