Bitcoin Will Skyrocket

I’m an optimist because the potential Bitcoin has to become a mainstream payment method across the entire internet. Think about it, our phones with the Cash app have people buying and selling bitcoin to cash and there are more places accepting Bitcoin every day. I think if you sell off a large amount right now you will be sorry when it skyrockets and those of us who bought low will one more see our profits. 

I don’t usually write articles related to this but I want to point some things out so that people can make a more informed decision on if it’s the right time to buy or sell. I’ve heard financial experts on TV talk about the decline and speak of an upcoming rise in the currency. 

Do you think they say that with nothing to back it? No. They look at the variables involved with Bitcoin and the trajectory of that to determine what things will be.

So is it time to buy Bitcoin? Yes. Am I? Yes.