Confusion Around iPhone X

So, it seems some of us skimmed through the very long keynote and missed some key information. Apple is instruting people to view the end of the keynote after the phones are announced to understand that they aren’t ceasing development and support for the phone.

A Misunderstanding Between Customers and Apple on Social Media

However, they will no longer be manufacturing it. 

That is what is going on. Your phone will be just as useful as the other iPhone X devices minus a few bells and whistles.

I’m very happy that they figured out that this was going on and though it took a while for my call to be properly routed I am very relieved from the tone of confidence of the individual who I spoke with at Apple that this is all a misunderstanding.

In fact, I was told they wouldn’t be surprised if more people called in upset about this not understanding what is going on. Overall, I think they will use this as a learning experience. It wasn’t exactly spelled out for everyone that we aren’t at a loss here. 

Anyways, i just wanted to update everyone with this in the hopes that it helps calm things down a little bit. 


A Special Message for Apple

I think the new Apple iPhones are pretty interesting. What I don’t know is what’s going to end up happening with the iPhone X that I’m still paying for. The iPhone X has a higher resolution display than most desktops. Which is why I question why Apple would totally take it out of consideration for development. It’s a waste of a great device that many people have purchased and enjoy. 

Personally I use the Pages app to write the articles here for it’s a very nice experience and I’d appreciate it if they considered expanding the capabilities for the device I am paying over 100 dollars a month for on a two year upgrade contract with AT&T. 

If you agree and would like to see further support for the device going into the future please share this article on social media. 

While sales will discontinue it would be entirely unreasonable to not at the very least take the money that is paid through our contracts and give us what we’re paying for. An Ultra HD smartphone that has a screen large enough to remote into a desktop. 

Imagine the possibilities of the iPhone X going into the future. Apple could create a Remote Desktop experience with a wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard for this phone and the other iPhone X devices in the series. 

The Apple Remote app could open the phone to use the full screen and they could even sell a case that would let the phone lean back for the best experience with the remote iMac. This would take a lot of power which would mean they’d have to either require you to have it plugged in or using the built in wireless charging. 

This would open the usual businesses such as Starbucks to implementing wireless charging into their cafe’s tables. Furniture manufactures making smart tables for home and business sales. This would push us into the future and change everything.

That’s what Apple is supposed to do. They’ve changed the world a lot and I want to see that continue but I feel they’ve missed an opportunity to do something great.


Welcome to My New Website!

An animated audience gives a round of applause Zinrockin’s amazing new website.

The new website is going off of the if it’s not broke don’t fix it. I will be using WordPress going forward to write all my new posts and will no long be using Twitter as much.


… I can get more content into this site than I can into a tweet. This also gives me the ability to do unique things that I can’t do on Twitter.

This is going to take some getting used to because I’m not used to blogging; but I understand needing to communicate to everyone that I’m doing something. I know thousands of you have visited my site. For that I want you to know just how grateful I am that you took the time of day to do that; thank you. This has been an alright experience outside of Twitch… which I may discuss at some point.

Moving Forward

This serves as the first post here on my new site and while you may see that it is still under construction I hope that doesn’t take away from the content that I post here to the site.

In the future I want to collaborate with others but for now I am going to see what I can do to get everything I can in place to make this website a clean and concise place where those of you who do follow can get what you’re here for.

  • Blog Posts
  • Recent Images & Videos
  • Galleries for Various Things (Guild Photo Gallery, Raiding Photo Gallery, Achievement Photos e.c.t.) 
  • Reviews or Opinion pieces on current things going on online.

That’s all for now. To know when my most recent blog post is up please follow me on Twitter or check back here every day for a new post!

Have a nice day.