The Daily Blog: Wednesday, October 17th, 2018

Hello, I’m going to start writing these as a way to show that I am paying attention to what’s going on in the WoW community and the internet in general. These blogs will be daily reflections on current events, my input based off my perspective, and various other things related to my own acitivities. 

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I’ve got a lot to say about things but I’ve just been busy with life and not had the time to make videos to provide my input. If you read my blog post on how to make good YouTube videos then you understand the amount of effort one must invest in making a video. Blogging is a bit simpler and I am an okay writer so this works out well so I can put out content regularly.

If I see things become more active I will start making videos again. However, I understand the lack of interest for my content right now due to the level of inactivity I’ve demonstrated recently. 

Though it is odd that they still say blogging is a popular way to get your content going. People’s attention spans are only getting shorter so I don’t know how well this will work but with good formatting and breaking things down into different sections that are easy to tell from one another I believe I can guide even the shortest attention span readers through this.

Thanks for reading.

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How-To Make Good YouTube Videos

Hi folks, today I’m writing this guide to answer one of a community member’s question that I saw on the October’s Discord server.

They ask, “so I want to upgrade the video quality of my videos; does anyone know how”? I planned on replying to them on Discord but the explanation is a bit longer then I’d like to put into a chat message. So I’m writing this to help both them and anyone else who may be interested in getting started making high quality videos.

First off, good editing software is a good place to start. Something that lets you zoom in all the way down to mili-seconds to cut out any dead or empty space people get bored very quickly. I’ve used DaVinci Resolve which is free and has lots of free capabilities of most premium software being that it is a base version of a premium software. There are also other software editing tools such as Sony Vega Pro which I know other content creators use.

Secondly you want to have a good microphone audio is very important aspect of any video. If your microphone sounds a bit on the cheap sided and you can use tools such as voice meter banana or get a higher quality mic. I’ll leave links to some videos at the bottom of this blog so you can learn more about Voicemeeter Banana and DaVinci Resolve.

Third of all you want your videos to serve a purpose try to look for things that haven’t already been made or don’t have as many videos made for it. An example of this would be my WoWNav Guide series which shows players visually how to get from Point A to Point B. It’s something that is useful and not a lot of content creators have made so it’s not saturated on YouTube. Which leads me to my next point and final point.

Whatever videos you do make; make sure they’re unique and commonly valuable. Think of what it offers to the average viewer or the communities you’re a part of.

Bellow are the videos you’ll need to get started. If you enjoyed this blog post or found it informative please be sure to share it. You can also leave comments down below; thanks!

Voicemeeter Banana Setup Video:

DaVinci Resolve Editor Setup:

To Whom It May Concern

So today I’m writing this post because I want to clear the air. It seems there are some of you out there who think I have some sort of resentment or feel some type of way about you. Thing is I don’t and while I might not agree with what you do and have stated that in the past I don’t actively hold that against you. If you want to chat I’m open to that but unless you can put the old stuff aside I’m not interested in a friendship. 

As some of you may be aware there are people who don’t like me and refuse to talk to me anymore and those people have their own permanent set-in-stone opinion of me. This is something I’ve chose to accept cannot be changed and I discourage you from trying to change their mind. While it may be true that I am different from what their opinion of me is it’s very unlikely that they will go out of their way to realize this and they’re comfortable with what they think to a point of deliberate ignorance; they don’t care.

I learned a while back that you can’t make people care and either they do or they don’t. Unfortunately, these individuals are of some key influential positions in the community and somewhat goal/gate-keep things.

Unlike when they started off on the platforms such as Twitch or YouTube they’d have no way to understand how things work from the perspective of a smaller content creator. This is not their fault and they don’t have the time to gain such insight because they’re too busy dealing with everything they’ve got going on; that’s just the way it is.

As for myself I’ve stopped complaining about having no meaningful support and having no viewers to my streams. It’s not something that I consider likely to change and I’ve become okay with that. Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insane. What I do is sit down, turn on my stream, play some music, and narrate whats going on. Sometimes a person or two stops by and I’m cool with that. Talking about having no viewers or complaining about how you’re never going to get anywhere does nothing at all.

I think lots of streamers have come to expect certain things or think that if they do something they’ll get stuff in return. But personally I’ve come to expect nothing from anyone but myself. I’ve been let down a lot by other people and what I’ve learned from that is people can’t be relied on for pretty much anything. 

Perhaps an individual can or group of individuals you know and trust but people aka Twitch viewers no. You see Twitch viewers are conditioned to expect certain things from streamers and unless you can provide that then they’ll leave or never even be there to begin with. When I stream I don’t want to be meeting some expectation I just want to have fun.

So with that in mind I hope you’ll realize why things are as they are and ain’t gonna change. This is me being me and that’s the most important thing to me. If people don’t like that I don’t care; their acceptance is unnecessary.



Tips for Starting a Guild

I’ve played the World of Warcraft for over ten years and in that time I’ve learned a lot about how things work. Today I’m going to be sharing with you what I do to make sure people are taken care of in my guild and people’s needs are met.

The most useful tool I’ve found so far is Google Docs. This can be used to manage raid rosters, and advanced guild member management. All you’ve got to do is setup the columns with the right names and drop in the data. However, these tools are entirely worthless if you don’t establish a channel of communication.

Communication is essential for anyone in any type of management position. A question I’d ask any guild I’d join is, ” is there good communication between those managing the guild “?

The answer to that question will tell you to proceed or not. It’s easy for people to step on each other’s toes if people don’t talk effectively and well. Also it’s important to try and save your notes for others in management to read.

This means opening up a notepad and taking notes during important discussions, translating your notes into something someone else can understand, and finally uploading those notes to a shared cloud storage. This can be a OneDrive folder with a link that is shared between those managing the guild.

If you do this then you can better understand the intent and motive of other individuals who you are running the guild with. This helps you understand if they’ve got the right mindset or if it’s something you’d rather not be a part of.

If you found this article useful or would like more advice feel free to email me and I will do my best to provide you with more details. This is fairly general and doesn’t go deeply into each thing mentioned here but that would be too lengthy for a post of this nature.

How I Deal with Failure

One way or another somethings going to end up going wrong. With that in mind I will be explaining how I deal with failure and focus on being better. First off I like to determine if the failure which has accorded due to circumstances beyond my control. If this is the case I consider if I can make that variable different or if I have to do something else. If I have to do something else then I will take some time off to clear my mind. Then I will look at working towards another accomplishment that will set me aside from the typical person doing what I am doing. 

Once I have figured out what it is I want to do I look at those who are currently doing it and how they do it. Then I consider what I can do different that will make me better. This requires being creative and making new ways to do what they do that is more efficient or better. If I can’t figure that out then I stop considering that feat and focus on another one.

By focusing on the excitement and happiness that comes from winning I am incentivized to do better. As some of you may know I’ve accomplished a lot. That hasn’t come from taking my eye off the ball and thinking about stuff outside of the game. Things move forward no matter what you do. Either you’re a part of that or you’re not. But you’ve got to make the decisions that get you involved with those who’re doing great things to potentially have the opportunity to learn from them. 

Sure you may be doing the same thing and copying someone else for a little while but as they say imitation is the greatest form of flattering; it’s a compliment. That being said if you’re doing it to an extent that is annoying people may have a problem with that but you can figure that out by observing how the community works. Look at the highest performing people in a good community and ask the most available ones what they do. 

Ive done this myself for a long time and it has to do with not having to deal with the fear of being a stranger or outsider. Once you’re considered an active part of the community you chose then you can start asking more questions about how things work. But until you’re considered valued or noteworthy it’s best to just take notes and be respectful; being humble is important.

So bottom line is I deal with failure by looking for new ways to win. But it’s not such a simple thing to do but it can be done. I can’t promise success from doing this in getting into whatever it is you want to be great at but in my personal experience it’s gotten me a long way.