How-To Make Good YouTube Videos

Hi folks, today I’m writing this guide to answer one of a community member’s question that I saw on the October’s Discord server.

They ask, “so I want to upgrade the video quality of my videos; does anyone know how”? I planned on replying to them on Discord but the explanation is a bit longer then I’d like to put into a chat message. So I’m writing this to help both them and anyone else who may be interested in getting started making high quality videos.

First off, good editing software is a good place to start. Something that lets you zoom in all the way down to mili-seconds to cut out any dead or empty space people get bored very quickly. I’ve used DaVinci Resolve which is free and has lots of free capabilities of most premium software being that it is a base version of a premium software. There are also other software editing tools such as Sony Vega Pro which I know other content creators use.

Secondly you want to have a good microphone audio is very important aspect of any video. If your microphone sounds a bit on the cheap sided and you can use tools such as voice meter banana or get a higher quality mic. I’ll leave links to some videos at the bottom of this blog so you can learn more about Voicemeeter Banana and DaVinci Resolve.

Third of all you want your videos to serve a purpose try to look for things that haven’t already been made or don’t have as many videos made for it. An example of this would be my WoWNav Guide series which shows players visually how to get from Point A to Point B. It’s something that is useful and not a lot of content creators have made so it’s not saturated on YouTube. Which leads me to my next point and final point.

Whatever videos you do make; make sure they’re unique and commonly valuable. Think of what it offers to the average viewer or the communities you’re a part of.

Bellow are the videos you’ll need to get started. If you enjoyed this blog post or found it informative please be sure to share it. You can also leave comments down below; thanks!

Voicemeeter Banana Setup Video:

DaVinci Resolve Editor Setup:

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