Confusion Around iPhone X

So, it seems some of us skimmed through the very long keynote and missed some key information. Apple is instruting people to view the end of the keynote after the phones are announced to understand that they aren’t ceasing development and support for the phone.

A Misunderstanding Between Customers and Apple on Social Media

However, they will no longer be manufacturing it. 

That is what is going on. Your phone will be just as useful as the other iPhone X devices minus a few bells and whistles.

I’m very happy that they figured out that this was going on and though it took a while for my call to be properly routed I am very relieved from the tone of confidence of the individual who I spoke with at Apple that this is all a misunderstanding.

In fact, I was told they wouldn’t be surprised if more people called in upset about this not understanding what is going on. Overall, I think they will use this as a learning experience. It wasn’t exactly spelled out for everyone that we aren’t at a loss here. 

Anyways, i just wanted to update everyone with this in the hopes that it helps calm things down a little bit.