Bitcoin Will Skyrocket

I’m an optimist because the potential Bitcoin has to become a mainstream payment method across the entire internet. Think about it, our phones with the Cash app have people buying and selling bitcoin to cash and there are more places accepting Bitcoin every day. I think if you sell off a large amount right now you will be sorry when it skyrockets and those of us who bought low will one more see our profits. 

I don’t usually write articles related to this but I want to point some things out so that people can make a more informed decision on if it’s the right time to buy or sell. I’ve heard financial experts on TV talk about the decline and speak of an upcoming rise in the currency. 

Do you think they say that with nothing to back it? No. They look at the variables involved with Bitcoin and the trajectory of that to determine what things will be.

So is it time to buy Bitcoin? Yes. Am I? Yes.

Twitch Streamer Review: Mizkif

Twitch Streamer Reviews: Mizkif

Mizkif is an interesting streamer who has connections going pretty deep into the upper echelon of the Twitch community. His channel is fairly interesting and so is his community; mainly derived from the McconnellRet/Asmongold communities. I reached out to Mizkif for permission to write this channel review but him and his clique has blocked me on social media without prior communication that something is up. So this is being written without the consent of Mizkif but being that it’s free-speech and this is my website I will do it anyways because I can.

The first time I ran into Mizkif was on the Glinks Discord some time ago in a galaxy far-far away. Back then he was a different person that wasn’t caught up in the scene. Now he’s often times on Twitch immersed in his chat and having fun. I’m going to rate this streamer and all other streamers on my site using the following zero to ten scale for several categories, 

Entertainment Value: 8.5

Interactive-ness: 8.4

Uniqueness: 6.7

Skill at Game: 7

Channel Design: 7.4

Twitch Chat: 3.8

Attitude: 6

Voice Quality: 6

Video Quality: 8

Camera Quality: 7

Total Score: 68.8/100 [Acceptable]

2018 Review: Apple iPad Pro

Today I am doing a tech review for the iPad Pro and in this review I will be explaining what I like and what I dislike about the iPad Pro. Apple’s iPad Pro is a great device that has so much potential. However, it is held back by the software and hardware.

This is why we need a new iPad Pro operating system. The current operating system doesn’t allow for the use of devices such as a wireless mouse. The specs on the new 1-Terabyte iPad are of a device which could render an operating system of it’s own. 

I think iOS Pro would take advantage of the power that the iPad has. Though I don’t know if Apple can understand this. I don’t know anyone at Apple and they don’t share their thoughts with the public that often. So it’s hard to say if they want their new iPad to be a laptop killer or if they’re just saying that for the attention and PR. 

What I do know is that unless there is a significant change to the iPad Pro’s OS I will probably end up returning my next iPad Pro 1TB and taking the E.T.F. I want to thank AT&T for helping me finance these awesome devices but while they’re amazing and have the best displays in the industry their software isn’t as great as they could be making it. 

I want the development team at Apple to consider making their Pro line of iPad something that they could do as much on as their iMacs. That’s what would make this a competitor to the Microsoft tablets. I should be able to use something that is at the same price point to do that much if not more which would uphold the expectations people have of Apple which is to exceed expectation.

– Zin

My Thoughts on WoW Classic

Last night as some of you know I played the World of Warcraft Classic Demo on my stream over at Overall I think it was alright other than a few small things.

In particular I think it’s unfortunate that we can’t use the console camera zoom out factor macro to zoom out more even in Classic. This is something that Blizzard removed in retail and used to be available in the game. Being that I did not play Classic myself I don’t know if this is something that was present back then and if not please disregard this. 

Beyond that I think the performance of the game was pretty good there was very low MS between the WoW servers and my computer here in Seattle. I think it was like thirty-two which is really low. If this MS carries over to the main release of Classic I think it will definitely be another perk over playing the most modern iteration of WoW on the current retail servers. 

Outside of speculation I think we all know that many people will play Classic initially and then lose interest going back to retail; this is okay and let me explain why. Most likely there will be more content released for Classic as that moves forward and when those same players come back they’ll see the reward for sticking with Classic and building your character up over a long period of time. Which leads me to think that perhaps folks will give feedback in the future that support bring more of the traditional ways of WoW over to retail

Though I think only time will tell what the final results will be. Whenever you look at the predictions by the community things never tend to work out word-for-word as we predict it. I look forward to see you all in Classic and seeing how things end up. It’s definitely an interesting time to be a WoW player and there’s a lot in store for our future.

– Zin