About Zinrockin.com

This website is for posts discussing the most recent thing going on around the internet and social media. Sometimes there will be posts discussing the newest tech, and other times you may be reading about the World of Warcraft or various other projects I’m associated with.

Now About Myself…

I go by several names but folks generally call me Zin; some of you may know me as Zinrockin the Official World of Warcraft Forum MVP.

I’ve lived in Seattle my entire life and for the most part grew up without the internet because my family wasn’t well off. World of Warcraft has been a part of my life for many years now. When I was younger because my family wasn’t well off we lived in a pretty bad area so to disconnect from all the trouble I would use the game as a way to escape.

One of my first videos is of a Ventrilo rage in which an individual went off on us after being dismissed from a group online for non-performance purposes (standing in the fire repeatedly). Everyone thought we were listening to a soundboard which was a popular prank back then. Turns out it was just a very ridiculous person.

That was in two-thousand and twelve which is over six years ago now.

Since then I’ve grown up a bit and gotten to working on other projects. My favorite project is the WoWFeedback reddit page because it’s given me some notoriety among various individuals in the WoW community.

Here are some other projects I am currently working on:

  • WoWFeedback Twitter
  • Blogging on Zinrockin.com
  • TheStreamer – Twitch Channel

There are probably a few more that I’ve left out but the list could go on for a while. Some projects I’ve had to leave somewhat dormant for a while because I haven’t had the time to make any progress towards them in a while. As I write this I have just a few hours before I have to go get some food and get ready to raid with my guild.

If you are interested in collaborating with me or would like to reach out with a business inquiry please contact me via email: zinrockin@zinrockin.com