Bitcoin Will Skyrocket

I’m an optimist because the potential Bitcoin has to become a mainstream payment method across the entire internet. Think about it, our phones with the Cash app have people buying and selling bitcoin to cash and there are more places accepting Bitcoin every day. I think if you sell off a large amount right now you will be sorry when it skyrockets and those of us who bought low will one more see our profits. 

I don’t usually write articles related to this but I want to point some things out so that people can make a more informed decision on if it’s the right time to buy or sell. I’ve heard financial experts on TV talk about the decline and speak of an upcoming rise in the currency. 

Do you think they say that with nothing to back it? No. They look at the variables involved with Bitcoin and the trajectory of that to determine what things will be.

So is it time to buy Bitcoin? Yes. Am I? Yes.

Twitch Streamer Review: Mizkif

Twitch Streamer Reviews: Mizkif

Mizkif is an interesting streamer who has connections going pretty deep into the upper echelon of the Twitch community. His channel is fairly interesting and so is his community; mainly derived from the McconnellRet/Asmongold communities. I reached out to Mizkif for permission to write this channel review but him and his clique has blocked me on social media without prior communication that something is up. So this is being written without the consent of Mizkif but being that it’s free-speech and this is my website I will do it anyways because I can.

The first time I ran into Mizkif was on the Glinks Discord some time ago in a galaxy far-far away. Back then he was a different person that wasn’t caught up in the scene. Now he’s often times on Twitch immersed in his chat and having fun. I’m going to rate this streamer and all other streamers on my site using the following zero to ten scale for several categories, 

Entertainment Value: 8.5

Interactive-ness: 8.4

Uniqueness: 6.7

Skill at Game: 7

Channel Design: 7.4

Twitch Chat: 3.8

Attitude: 6

Voice Quality: 6

Video Quality: 8

Camera Quality: 7

Total Score: 68.8/100 [Acceptable]

2018 Review: Apple iPad Pro

Today I am doing a tech review for the iPad Pro and in this review I will be explaining what I like and what I dislike about the iPad Pro. Apple’s iPad Pro is a great device that has so much potential. However, it is held back by the software and hardware.

This is why we need a new iPad Pro operating system. The current operating system doesn’t allow for the use of devices such as a wireless mouse. The specs on the new 1-Terabyte iPad are of a device which could render an operating system of it’s own. 

I think iOS Pro would take advantage of the power that the iPad has. Though I don’t know if Apple can understand this. I don’t know anyone at Apple and they don’t share their thoughts with the public that often. So it’s hard to say if they want their new iPad to be a laptop killer or if they’re just saying that for the attention and PR. 

What I do know is that unless there is a significant change to the iPad Pro’s OS I will probably end up returning my next iPad Pro 1TB and taking the E.T.F. I want to thank AT&T for helping me finance these awesome devices but while they’re amazing and have the best displays in the industry their software isn’t as great as they could be making it. 

I want the development team at Apple to consider making their Pro line of iPad something that they could do as much on as their iMacs. That’s what would make this a competitor to the Microsoft tablets. I should be able to use something that is at the same price point to do that much if not more which would uphold the expectations people have of Apple which is to exceed expectation.

– Zin

My Thoughts on WoW Classic

Last night as some of you know I played the World of Warcraft Classic Demo on my stream over at Overall I think it was alright other than a few small things.

In particular I think it’s unfortunate that we can’t use the console camera zoom out factor macro to zoom out more even in Classic. This is something that Blizzard removed in retail and used to be available in the game. Being that I did not play Classic myself I don’t know if this is something that was present back then and if not please disregard this. 

Beyond that I think the performance of the game was pretty good there was very low MS between the WoW servers and my computer here in Seattle. I think it was like thirty-two which is really low. If this MS carries over to the main release of Classic I think it will definitely be another perk over playing the most modern iteration of WoW on the current retail servers. 

Outside of speculation I think we all know that many people will play Classic initially and then lose interest going back to retail; this is okay and let me explain why. Most likely there will be more content released for Classic as that moves forward and when those same players come back they’ll see the reward for sticking with Classic and building your character up over a long period of time. Which leads me to think that perhaps folks will give feedback in the future that support bring more of the traditional ways of WoW over to retail

Though I think only time will tell what the final results will be. Whenever you look at the predictions by the community things never tend to work out word-for-word as we predict it. I look forward to see you all in Classic and seeing how things end up. It’s definitely an interesting time to be a WoW player and there’s a lot in store for our future.

– Zin

Update on Everything

I wanted to take the time that I have outside of my work hours to write out where I’m at with my projects and how I plan to go forward with producing new content. This is going to be a more realistic approach for me and will leave room for others to participate if that’s something the WoW community will ever be interested in.

I’m going to break this down into several sections such as Blog Posts, WoWFeedback, WoWNav Guides, WoWFeedback Talkshow, e.c.t..


For a while I was updating this daily with new posts that I found across the internet regarding feedback on the World of Warcraft, posting them to the WoWFeedback reddit page, sharing player feedback @WoWFeedback on Twitter, and logging them into the directory of feedback which was stickied to the top of the reddit page. 

This was a very time consuming activity and left little time outside of it for anything else being that I visited all the community sites where World of Warcraft players post about the game and linking those pages back to WoWFeedback. 

Because of how time consuming this process is I will be updating it ever week going forward. If other players from the WoW community would like to share their feedback with the WoWFeedback project on reddit then they can do this. Once I have the time with-in a twenty-four hour period I will then take that post from the reddit page and post it to the WoWFeedback Twitter page. Such shared posts will also be taken into consideration for discussion on the talkshow when that comes to be.

Blog Posts:

I wanted to make daily blog posts so I could push out more content. This has been a challenge being that I’ve started taking care of myself more. Getting eight hours of sleep a night, exercising, and working a full-time job. However, I do get two days off a week and it’s my goal to spend my Sunday working on my projects; this includes the blog posts. My blog posts will become a weekly thing until I’m able to find a way to work this into my schedule. 

You will notice a theme through-out most of these changes is so I can have time to take care of myself. This keeps me sane, dedicated, professional, and healthy. I would rather listen to and take advice from someone who is well off than someone who isn’t because it shows that you find yourself as a worthy investment. Because of that it is easier for others to invest into you; it all starts with you.

WoWFeedback Talkshow:

The WoWFeedback Talkshow is going to be something that I do every three months. With this as a timeline it gives me, the co-hosts, and everyone else time to submit feedback for WoW, look at the feedback being made by players in the community which has been compiled on /r/WoWFeedback, and decide what is worth discussing. 

If you applied to be a co-host you are still going to be contacted a few months in advanced to the first talkshow. However, I will be asking you to read a non-disclosure form and reply in chat with the words, “I accept”. This will cover any unique content or pre-production things this way whatever we come up with together is between us until we release the show to the general public on our twitch page

WoWNav Guides

This was a project that I started a while back where I made videos directing players with visual guides from Point-A to Point-B on Azeroth. With Classic coming out I will work to start recording more of these guides for my channel so those of you who play it will know how to get around. 

Classic Azeroth is different from retail Azeroth. This is why there will be a unique set of guides made to show you how to get around. Depending on WoW Classic is released I will determine the rate at which I will be making these videos. The plan is to release all of the videos at once when Classic releases as a package of videos on my channel. 

Soon after this I will be working on the remaining WoWNav guides for retail. The plan is to have two separate series so people do not get confused and can find their way around the game world.

Other Projects:

If there are any other projects that I haven’t yet mentioned please be aware they are not on the table for this year. Yes, the guild will be recruiting but as of now there are no plans for a raiding guild. If you would like to join to make this a thing feel free to but as of now and the near future I will not have the time to do this. That being said I am looking for recruitment officers, officers, and various leaders for my guild to help fulfill the wants/needs of our members.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in I am open to setting up a time for us to discuss this or any other project feel free to email me at

– Zin

The Daily Blog: Sunday, October 21st, 2018

I want to take today’s blog post as a chance to talk about what I’ve been up to and where I see things going from where I’m at. Currently I am working full-time so there’s been much less time for me to be as involved as I’d like to be with my projects. Because of this you may notice that WoWFeedback hasn’t been updated all that often. This is due to a lack of both the time I have to go around all the sites the WoW players leave feedback on and there being no one leaving or sharing links to their feedback on the WoWFeedback reddit page. 

It was my hope that between having a full fledged site compiling all the feedback along with social media integration that it’d be easier for people to submit their feedback to @WoWFeedback on Twitter or #WoWFeedback and in turn have it passed onto the reddit page. This has not been the case and unfortunately the entire WoW community has been strongly reluctant to using it. 

This is most likely because they see no purpose in sharing their feedback with WoWFeedback because of the various outlets Blizzard accepts feedback on. So people are distracted and don’t understand the point or what it it WoWFeedback seems to achieve. The project’s goal was to compile all forms of feedback for the World of Warcraft from across the internet; videos, forum posts from various community sites, social media, and more.

This would have made it so much that people could have one single place to go to see all current videos, forum posts e.c.t. so they could see if a point they believed in had already been made and get behind that. I will continue pushing this project along on my own as I have all projects I’ve done. However, if it continues to receive no support or interest beyond my own then I’ll consider it a waste of my free-time and not worth building upon; at which point the project will be abandoned entirely.

Im still hopefully that people will understand what I’m trying to do and get that the more often people choose to participate the more active the project will be and the sooner it can become a tool for keeping track of all recent feedback for the game in all of its various virtual forms. Though I am prepared to accept that it’s not something the community wants. 

The Daily Blog: Saturday, October 20th, 2018

In today’s blog I’m going to talk about staying healthy and feeling great both physically and mentally. Ever since I started eating better and working out more I’ve noticed that I have a better mood overall and I tend to find it difficult to connect to negativity. This has made me feel happier overall and given me more drive to get done what I’ve got to do. 

To be honest getting to a good head-space requires a combination of things such as the right approach towards bad things, the ability to identify when you’re starting to go the wrong way, a good fitness routine (I strive for over a thousand calories a day burned), and healthy eating. 

Let me break this down a bit.

Healthy Eating:

Find food that you can enjoy that is good for you and low in carbohydrates and unnatural ingredients. Make sure that it’s something you can mix with spices or sauces so it doesn’t taste bland and unwelcoming. Once you’ve got a set of meals setup that you like set reminders in your calendar app on your phone with alerts on what to make and when. Stock up on a variety of good food so you have a wider selection to choose from for each meal; a lunch menu, dinner menu, breakfast menu.

Obtaining the Right Attitude:

To start this is easier said than done but once you’re on the other side of it you’ll realize how much time you’ve been wasting paying attention to the drama and negativity of others that could have been spent on yourself and doing things you enjoy. The more you do things you enjoy and that are good for you the better you feel. So stop spending time paying attention to drama and negativity. Instead focus on what you can do for yourself that you aren’t already doing. Get creative and innovate new ways of treating yourself well; there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this.

Start Exercising More:

Using a smart watch or other device to track your distance, calories burned, and heart-rate are good ways to work your way up to further distances, more calories burned, and the exercising high. That’s right, you can get a high from exercising. No more will you have to miss out on feeling left out because your employer doesn’t allow you to do any drugs at all; including the legal ones. 

However, this only kicks in after you’ve been working out for an extended period of time. If you walk a few blocks and turn back you’re probably not going to experience this. Only after walking for over three to four miles will this kick in (it can vary person-to-person).

Overall I hope you found this useful. If you like this blog post or any of the others please share them and thank you for reading. Feel free to leave a comment down bellow and I’ll read it 🙂

The Daily Blog: Friday, October 19th, 2018

In today’s blog I will be talking about how I feel about World of Warcraft Classic and the promise it brings to our community. I’ve talked with several people in our community and they think that after it is released initially people will be interested in it and then that will drop off. However, I believe that may not be the case and here is why.

In Classic players are able to obtain items through hard work and dedication. Most things don’t come easy. This means that everything is worth more. In turn when a player invests their time into obtaining something they see a higher Return on Investment (ROI) versus retail. On retail it’s easy to obtain gear compared to Classic.

Classic also requires players to work together more and be closer knit so things like LFG wouldn’t be effective due to the effort it takes to get things done. LFR would be a complete failure in this game environment as well. Overall I think that Classic will be a total success in many regards.

If the player base for Classic enjoys the content more than retail perhaps it will convince Blizzard to consider pulling some of the aspects from Classic and implementing it into Retail. What Blizzard learns from Classic and how players feel about certain things could shape things such as an increase in difficulty obtaining gear on retail, non-LFG/LFR instances, and more. Overall I’m very optimistic about the upcoming release of retail and I look forward to reading and compiling all the player feedback to #WoWFeedback, @WoWFeedback, and /r/WoWFeedback.

Thank you for reading this article and if you found it interesting please share it!


The Daily Blog: Thursday, October 18th, 2018

In today’s blog I’m going to be discussing why I’m not attending Blizzcon and my decision to accept a full-time position as a deli clerk rather than going back to school. 

So a little while ago I was going through a very rough patch and it wasn’t until recently when I got my first job in a while that I started getting contacted by many employers with great job offers. One came up recently that sparked my interest which included paid sick and vacation days, retirement options including 401K, medical care, a workers union, and much more. So I figured I’d give it a shot and apply for that job. 

The good news is I got the job but the bad news is I had to cancel my plans to travel down to California and attend Blizzcon until next year. This was a huge bummer because I had been counting down the days until the event. However, if I would have decided to go to Blizzcon rather than accept the job I would have been hurting myself long-term. 

Thing is that I don’t expect anything to come from my content creation, streaming, or anything I do online. It took a lot for me to reach the point of accepting this. Several people I consider friends here who you may know are prominent figures in our community helped me understand the decision I had to make. 

Over the next year I will be making enough money to move out and live on my own without the subsidized rent I pay to my mother. At twenty-five years old that’s a good step to take. I’ve even been able to start making enough money to get her an iPhone X on an Unlimited Everything plan from AT&T; it feels great to be able to give back even if it does cost a lot.

Though I wish things had turned out different I think long-term things will turn out better and there may even be more success in what I do online being that I will be in a better mental state working than sitting around at my computer all day. 

Heck, my own mom even pointed out that my entire demeanor has changed; that’s a good thing. Because, if I would have stayed the course and passed up this job opportunity I’d still be in what’s considered extreme-poverty (a state of financial affairs well bellow the poverty line). This could have lead to me becoming homeless at some point and completely SOL.

I think the most important thing I’ve learned is the damage of self-pity and having an expectation that folks will give a fuck enough to make a difference that helps you get over what you gotta get over. This is not the case and you are several thousand percent more likely to be okay if you do something for yourself rather than wait on others to do something for you. This is something that I think is crucial to understanding and what sets self-made people apart from those who live off of hand-outs and various forms of welfare. 

Now don’t get me wrong I understand those folks who truly need the support and there’s gotta be a safety net in place for them. But you owe it to yourself to do something for yourself otherwise any effort you’ve invested or gains you’ve made will be lost and for nothing. Which makes the situation a catch twenty-two. 

People like to invest or give to things that are likely to reproduce high value stuff; this includes other people. So if you’re not living in a way that makes you valuable or worth something then you’re less likely to get any support from others because you’re a high-risk investment with all signs of little return on investment (ROI). 

Money is a limited resource to the majority of us so if you’re just not worth money then you’re kinda fucking yourself over. I think a major reason why poverty is so rampant is because of bad mental health care and a lack of people believing in the investment into one’s own worth. You can say all you want that you’re the shit but if the facts say things are otherwise then folks are just gonna be annoyed and you lose credibility. Once you lose credibility you’ve got to earn it back by becoming a high value asset to others.

Think of yourself like a program and consider what you can do for others. If you had a program aka app on your phone that just sat there asking for money, promising things in return, and having no capability to provide that would you spend your money on that app? Fuck no.

But this is only obvious to me on the other side of everything and luckily I had the time to come to this realization. The issue I think people face is not having the luxury of being in a place where they can have enough time to come to this understanding or just not having the mental capability to do so. While the latter is something that would be difficult to solve the other is a bit easier. It comes down to having affordable housing for people that comes with mental health assistance to help folks re-discover the worth of making themselves valueable and useful.

Though this is an entirely different subject that requires it’s own blog post to get into detail with proper citation of sources and facts. Today I’m just writing this all out to help explain why I chose to make the decision I made and the impact that will have on my life. It’s interesting because I know how to live extremely frugally being that I had to live off of the cheapest options for most of my life. So when I start making fourty to fifty thousand a year on my own I’ll be able to invest so much of it I will feel much wealthier than I actually am because how deep with-in my means I will be living. 

This is the sort of thing they should teach in schools but they don’t so I’m saying it here. The sooner you get started practicing an extreme poverty budget for things such as food and various other expenses you’ll notice a lot of money is left over. Don’t eat out, cook at home. Don’t order anything aside from what is nessecary for you to live e.c.t.. Instead of ordering a bottle of water from Starbucks for over two dollars and fifty cents instead ask for their largest size cup of water with ice and spend fifty cents instead putting the money you save aside.